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Anthony Ciccone Dead: Madonna’s Older Brother Dies at 66

Anthony Ciccone was a lesser-known figure in the entertainment industry, but he gained some notoriety for being the older brother of the famous pop icon, Madonna. He was born in Michigan in 1956 and was the eldest child of the Ciccone family. Ciccone grew up with six siblings, including his famous sister, and spent most of his life in the Michigan area.

Anthony Ciccone had a tumultuous relationship with his famous sister, Madonna, which often made headlines. Despite being her older brother, he struggled with drug addiction and homelessness for much of his adult life, while Madonna went on to become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Their relationship was strained, with Ciccone often publicly criticizing his sister and her lavish lifestyle.

Ciccone worked as a construction worker and at various other odd jobs throughout his life. He had a son, Mario Ciccone, with his ex-wife, Jennifer, whom he divorced in 1984. After his divorce, Ciccone began to spiral into addiction, and his relationship with his family deteriorated. In the early 2000s, he was arrested multiple times for drunken behavior and other misdemeanors.

Ciccone’s struggles with addiction and homelessness eventually led him to become estranged from his family, including his famous sister, Madonna. In a 2011 interview with the Daily Mail, Ciccone spoke candidly about his strained relationship with Madonna, saying, “I’m a human being, you know. She’s my sister, of course, I love her, but she’s not interested in what I have to say.”

In recent years, Ciccone’s health deteriorated, and he reportedly suffered from alcohol-related liver disease. He died on Friday, at the age of 63, in Michigan. Ciccone’s death received little media attention, and Madonna did not publicly comment on his passing.

In conclusion, Anthony Ciccone’s life was overshadowed by his famous sister, Madonna. Despite struggling with addiction and homelessness for much of his adult life, Ciccone remained estranged from his family, including his famous sister. His death in 2021 was a sad reminder of the toll that addiction and family strife can take on a person’s life.



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