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Bruce Willis and Michael Bay Remember “Dear Friend” and “Buddy” Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan, who passed away in 2012, was a beloved actor in the film and entertainment industry. He was well known for his distinctively deep voice and powerful performances in films such as “The Green Mile” and “Armageddon.” Duncan had a close friendship with Bruce Willis and worked with him on the movie “Armageddon.” Michael Bay, the director of “Armageddon,” also had a close relationship with Duncan.

Bruce Willis and Michael Bay remembered Michael Clarke Duncan as a “dear friend” and “buddy.” Willis shared that he had been deeply saddened by Duncan’s passing and that he would miss their conversations and time spent together on and off set. Willis spoke highly of Duncan’s talent as an actor, calling him a “giant of a man” and expressing his admiration for Duncan’s powerful presence on screen.

Michael Bay also shared his memories of Duncan, describing him as a kind and gentle person with a warm and infectious smile. Bay remembered the positive impact that Duncan had on the set of “Armageddon,” where he was known for making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Bay expressed his gratitude for the time he spent with Duncan and the memories they created together.

Duncan was remembered not only for his talent as an actor but also for his kindness and positive spirit. Bruce Willis and Michael Bay’s reflections on their friend demonstrate the impact that Duncan had on those around him and the lasting legacy he left in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Michael Clarke Duncan was a talented actor and a beloved friend to many in the entertainment industry. Bruce Willis and Michael Bay’s memories of Duncan serve as a testament to his impact on those around him and the legacy he left behind. He will be remembered for his powerful performances on screen and his kind and gentle spirit off-screen.



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