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Clarence Gilyard died at the age of 66. He was best known for his roles in famous movies like Top Gun and Die Hard.

Today, I will take a look at the tragic cause of the death of Clarence Gilyard. His death was announced on Nov 28 by his close fellow on the eve of 28.

Fans were shocked after hearing this tragic news and wanna know the cause of his death because he was a very famous and a good actor and has done a lot of good movies for Hollywood. Here is what we got to know so far about the tragic cause of his death:

According to The University of Nevada, the Las Vegas College of Fine Arts Actor was battling a long illness for a very long period of time though an official confirmation has not been made yet.

The University of Nevada shared the news as follows :

“It is with profound sadness that I share this news,” UNLV College of Fine Arts Dean Nancy J. Uscher said in the statement. “His students were deeply inspired by him, as were all who knew him. He had many extraordinary talents and was extremely well-known in the university through his dedication to teaching and his professional accomplishments.”



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