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Today, I am going to talk about a mother who got a lot of harsh and witty remarks because of her large belly.

One of the harshest comments she had ever seen or heard was “This is the worst pregnant belly, I have ever seen. ”

Let’s start the story. There is a girl tiktoker named Aliana Rodriguez who posted her pregnancy videos and pictures on her Social media accounts and got the mix reactions.

Her post got viral on all the social media platforms because of her belly bump which is not normal and she got a lot of hateful and harsh comments from users.

I wanna add something here that we must remain kind towards each other especially on social media because we don’t know from which state of mind a person is going through. Your one harsh comment can destroy their mental peace within seconds.

She explained that When someone is pregnant a huge belly bump is not normal and can indicate a lot of medical problems but it could also be normal in many cases.

She further added that they checked on every doctor and examine this baby bump by all means and doctors found no complications in it. It is just a normal belly bump.

Aliana said that she already had two pregnancies and her belly was the same as this at that time also. Her first baby weighed 8.3 pounds and her second one was 17.3 inches tall.

She enquired from a doctor why her tummy is always large and she explained that it is because of her small height and shorter torso.



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