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Madonna’s older brother Anthony Ciccone has died, aged 66

Anthony Ciccone was Madonna’s elder brother who passed away recently at the age of 64. Anthony was born on March 24, 1956, in Michigan, USA, to parents Silvio Anthony Ciccone and Madonna Louise Fortin.

Anthony and Madonna grew up in a large family with six siblings. Their father worked as a design engineer, while their mother was a homemaker. Madonna and Anthony had a close relationship in their early years, but as they grew older, their paths diverged.

While Madonna became a global superstar and pop icon, Anthony struggled with alcoholism and homelessness. Despite their differences, Madonna remained close to her brother, and they had a complicated but loving relationship.

Anthony had a brief stint as a musician in the 1980s, performing in a band called Breakfast Club, which Madonna helped to promote. However, his addiction to alcohol and drugs eventually led him down a difficult path. He struggled with homelessness, spending several years living on the streets of Traverse City, Michigan.

In 2011, Madonna attempted to help her brother by offering him a place to stay and getting him into a rehabilitation program. However, Anthony was unable to maintain his sobriety and eventually moved back to Michigan.

Anthony’s passing in 2021 was a tragic loss for Madonna and her family. In a heartfelt tribute on social media, Madonna shared photos of her brother and described him as “funny, warm-hearted, and unforgettable.” She also acknowledged the struggles that he faced in his life and expressed her love and sadness at his passing.

Anthony Ciccone’s life was a testament to the struggles and challenges that many people face, particularly with addiction and homelessness. Despite his difficulties, he will be remembered as a beloved brother and family member by those who knew him.



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